Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECORS?

ECORS stands for East Coast Offroad Racing Series. ECORS was developed in July of 2009 by Rob Klinger of North Carolina and Ron Towery of South Carolina as an offroad race series for 4x4 enthusiasts in the Southeast US.

What types of vehicles can race in ECORS?

Currently there are 4 classes of vehicles that qualify to race in ECORS events. Class A captures "stock" type 4x4 vehicles such as Jeeps, trucks, and other SUVs. Class B captures "modified" 4x4 vehicles that no longer meet the requirements of Class A. Generally speaking, Class B vehicles are derived from production vehicles and have been heavily modified to trail and race performance. Class C captures nearly any 4x4 passenger and race vehicle out there. Class C is the "unlimited" class where nearly any modification is acceptable. Typical vehicles in Class C consist of custom built 4x4 buggies or extremely modified production vehicles. The last class is Class U. Class U captures the UTV/SxS vehicles.

What type of vehicles are not qualified to race in ECORS?

ECORS does not offer any classes for motorcross or ATVs.

What kind of vehicle is the most popular to race in ECORS?

There are several types of vehicles that race in ECORS. Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, and Toyota pickup trucks are the most common for Classes A and B. The most common vehicles in Class C are custom built buggies in various sizes and capabilities.

What type of terrain is there at each ECORS race?

There is a wide array of terrains at each race. Some venues will offer tight mountainous trails while others will offer wide open spaces. ECORS builds trails and obstacles specifically for our events at each venue to challenge every class of racers. Some venues may offer man-made rock courses and short straightaway sprints inside a stadium while other venues will offer a 10+ mile lap through thousands of acres of mountain wilderness. ECORS organizers generally steer away from mud and deep mud holes but as a race series on the East Coast, mud will always be present in the trails and on the course.

What kind of race format is at each race?

Class A and U race together and get started either at 8am or 9am depending on venue and the time of the year. Class B starts 30 minutes after A and U are completed and Class C starts 30 minutes after Class B ends. All classes run for 2-3 hours each depending on venue and the time of the year. For each class, all vehicles are on the course at once and race each other. Some races will allow a start in pairs while others may allow a shotgun start with everyone starting at the same time.

I want to race. What do I need to get started?

First you will need a vehicle that will meet the rules and pass technical inspection. Second, you will need some safety gear. A helmet and fire suit is required for all competitors in Class A, B and C. As part of the safety gear for your vehicle, you will also need fire extinguishers and a first aid kit. Recovery gear for your vehicle consisting of 2, 3/4" shackles, a tow strap, and a tree saver is required as well. Be sure to review the rules and requirements prior to signing up to race.

OK, I have all the gear to race, what does it cost?

For ECORS members, the entry fees are as follows: Class A is $150, Class B is $175, Class C is $200, and Class U is $65. If you are not an ECORS member, entry fee is an additional $40. Online registration ends 4 days prior to the event. Any registration after online registration closes is subject to a $30 late registration fee.

What is an ECORS membership?

Becoming a member gives you various advantages over non-member teams. 1. Your team has the opportunity to race for season points for the year-end Championship. This is significant in that you have raced all year and placed high enough that your total earned points is better than all other teams in your class for the season. 2. Members get free gate entry for team members and discounted gate entry for support crew and family. 3. Teams will get a safety tool, which is a required part of the ECORS safety gear for all rigs. 4. Members get discounts on all Snap On tools ordered through Snap On dealer Chris Brower.

What is a Team and membership?

Each ECORS membership consists of a Team. This Team is made up of a Primary Driver and two Secondary Drivers. Each of these 3 drivers may drive and earn points for the Team's series championship contention. The same vehicle does not have to compete at each event to earn points however, any vehicle entered by the Team shall bear the Team number for scoring purposes.

How much does a Team membership cost?

Teams may register online at a cost of $225 and it is good until 12-31-12.

I do not have a credit card but I want to register before the day of the race. How can I do this?

You may contact ECORS and we can send a form you can fill out and mail back to ECORS along with your entry fee(s) and/or membership fees.

What if I have another vehicle that I want to race and my Team is an ECORS member?

Registered ECORS teams may register additional vehicles to enter the Series Championship points race by simply paying an additiional $100 for another membership for that additional vehicle. If the Team just wants to race additional vehicles at 1 or 2 events, all they need to do is submit the standard race entry fee for that additional vehicle. Additional member vehicles cannot combine points earned for series championship prize contention.

What do I get if I win?

This year ECORS has implemented a new payout system that rewards the competitors with higher payouts the more racers race. As more competitors enter the race, the $$$ pot increases. Take a moment to review the payout system on our website. In addition to the payout, sponsors put in great prizes for competitors.

I want to get involved as a sponsor with ECORS. Who do I contact?

For all sponsor opportunities, you may contact ECORS marketing department at: or you may call us at: (252) 341-2016