Carolina Crawlin'
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    Carolina Crawlin'
  • Location:
    575 Fairgrounds Rd
    Spartanburg, SC
For race #3 of the 2011 season, ECORS visits the Carolina Crawlin' venue in Spartanburg, SC. Carolina Crawlin' is a man-made rock crawl course situated in the infield of a 5/8 mile dirt track at the Spartanburg Fairgrounds. It has previously been host to WERock and XRRA events and now ECORS will utilize the facility for a short-course type race on July 9, 2011!

The format for the weekend will be different than the past ECORS events but will be similar to MX and dirt track races around the country. Friday, as usual, will be a day of registration and pre-running where Saturday will be filled with racing! Saturday morning starts early with each class of vehicles racing in two seperate "heat" races to qualify for the Main race later that evening. For teams that don't qualify for the Main, there will be a Last Chance Qualifier, consisting of a couple laps, just before the Main. So, if teams have bad luck during the Heat race, they will have a few hours to fix and prep for the Last Chance Qualifier and the Main race later that evening!

Heat races will be about 30 minutes and the Main race will be about 1.5 hours, so spread that over all day Saturday and there is a full day of racing for spectators and race teams!

Saturday morning schedule:
DragonFire Racing UTV heat 1
DragonFire Racing UTV heat 2
Ironman4x4Fab Class A heat 1
Ironman4x4Fab Class A heat 2
NC 4x4 Class B heat 1
NC 4x4 Class B heat 2
Class C heat 1
Class C heat 2
DragonFire Racing UTV main
Ironman4x4Fab Class A main
NC 4x4 Class B main
Class C main
For racers interested in competing, pre-registration online opens Monday, May 30, 2011. Remember, starting position in the Heat races is determined by the order you sign up, so register early for the best position possible! Starting position for the Main is determined by the finishing order in the Heat races!!!

Remember to register online before the race. On site registration will cost an extra $50. We do this to get teams to register early so we can better plan for everyone's arrival and make a better experience for racers, sponsors, vendors, and spectators!

For questions call 252-341-2016 or send an e-mail to: sales@ecors.com

Friday is pre-running from 1pm till 8pm
Friday there will be a Barbie Jeep race at 8pm under the lights! Power Wheels plastic vehicles must be unchanged other than removing the drive unit. Barbie Jeep race requires 2 team members, a rider and pusher!
Entry fee: FREE to any racer or paying spectator
Rules: Helmet, long pants, and stock Barbie Jeep required
Prize: $50 and an ECORS trophy!

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