The Flats 2011
  • Race:
  • Season:
  • Venue:
    The Flats
  • Location:
    3780 US 221 South
    Marion, NC 28752
ECORS will have its traditional class A, B, and C as well as an added class U (UTV/SxS) class. So, spectators have a full day of racing action! Rock Corps 4X4 has done a lot of work to The Flats and will continue to upgrade the facility for our upcoming race. The Rock Corps guys are opening multiple trails in the coming months and our ECORS racers will have the first chance to run these trails!!! Rock Corps is also blazing a few new trails to make spectator access much easier. This year we will have the access road up to the Upper Flats open 100% for spectators as the Upper Flats seems to be the place to see a lot of racing from one spectator area. On the Upper Flats area, we will have some good action up there with the construction of some jumps for good picture opportunities!

In addition to the endurance racing, ECORS and Rock Corps 4X4 will host a Bounty Hill Challenge Saturday evening after racing has ended. The Bounty Hill Challenge is worth $400 ($300 from Rock Corps and $100 from ECORS) to the winner and the right to name the trail. Thats right, you get to the top of the trail unassisted the fastest, you go home with $400 and get to name the trail! To draw in more to take on the Bounty Hill Challenge, if nobody makes it up to the top, we'll still pay $200 to whoever makes it the furthest up the trail. Either way, someone is going home with at least $200 in their pocket!!! Rules: no pre-running, no winching unless you give up, you get 5 min. per attempt then go back to the end of the line, depending on the number of vehicles, we will let you try up to 5 times. We'll stop after, at most, 2 hours. We don't want to be out there all night and the facility has a nightly curfew to be off of the trails by 9pm so we don't disturb the neighbors too much in the evening. The Bounty Hill Challenge is open to everyone and once you pay your spectator fee, costs you ZERO! So, its free to all paying spectators and competitors!

Anyone attending is welcome to camp Friday night and Saturday night, free of charge. So, bring your rig for a shot at $400!

Gates will open Friday for pre-running and racing starts bright and early on Saturday morning. We have a lot of activities planned for Saturday, so come early to take advantage of all we have planned. Bring your kids! Kids 12 and under are FREE!

ECORS will have food available for anyone that comes on Saturday and doesn't feel like fixing your lunch or if you get a little extra hungry! As always, the food is good and affordable!

Vendors and sponsors have the opportunity to set up a tent to sell product or showcase their business. We will have a lot of spectators for 2011. Contact ECORS for details on sponsor or vendor opportunities.

ECORS is always for 4x4 clubs and the family type of wheeling atmosphere. To help promote our local clubs, ECORS offers vendor space for local and regional 4x4 clubs that want to set up an informational tent or table free of charge. All we ask is that guys running the vendor tent pay the entry fee at the gate and we'll give you a place to set up your tent. Contact us in advance for this opportunity to allow proper planning on our part.



  • 8am
    gate opens for race officials and volunteers
  • Noon
    gate opens for spectators, racers, campers
  • 1pm-7pm
    Tech inspection opens. Inspection after 7pm must be scheduled with Rob or Ron
  • 1pm-9pm
    Pre-running for registered race vehicles only. No pre-running Bounty Hill.
  • 9:30 pm
    Trail use curfew. All vehicles must be off the trails/course.
  • 10 pm
    Race and trail rig "lights out". No running of loud engines, etc. Respect the neighbors!


  • 7am
    Volunteer meeting at the Start/Finish line
  • 7am-9am
    Late Tech Inspection. Tech Inspection for Class B and C after 9am must be scheduled with Rob and Ron.
  • 8am
    MANDATORY Driver meeting for all classes at Start/Finish line.
  • 8:30am
    Class A and U staging
  • 9am
    Class A and U race start
  • 11am
    Expected end of Class A and U race
  • 11am
    Class B stage
  • 11:30
    Expected start of Class B
  • 1:30pm
    Expected end of Class B
  • 1:30pm
    Class C stage
  • 2:00pm
    Expected start of Class C
  • 4:00 pm
    Expected end of Class C
  • 4:45pm
    Staging for Bounty Hill Challenge at entrance to Laurel Lane trail (see trail map).
  • 5:00 pm
    Bounty Hill Challenge starts
  • 7:00pm
    Bounty Hill Challenge ends.
  • 7:45pm
    Awards Ceremony (location TBA)


  • 8am
    trails open to campers and spectators to trail ride on or run your vehicle through the course if you like
  • No official events on Sunday.
  • Cleanup
***Schedule subject to change due to weather, timing, etc.***

A Preview of What's to Come

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Venue Info

  • $10/person (12 and under are free)
  • Spectators/campers welcome after 1pm on Friday
  • Camping included in gate entry
  • Camp fires Friday and Saturday night
  • Food available on Saturday
  • Alcohol is not allowed
  • This venue is fantastic for spectators. The course is easily viewed from a couple good spectator spots. The Bounty Trail Challenge is less than a 5min. stroll to the Bounty Trail. After racing, cheer on your favorite drivers for a shot at $400!

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for upcoming race information.