Windrock / Coal Creek
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    Coal Creek
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    Oliver Springs, TN

The Windrock race will be a true endurance race that will test the drivers, cars, and team to its limit. Each class will have a time limit to complete a given number of laps, totaling 120 miles for C, 80 for B and 60 for A, U and V. Teams will experience wide open spaces, hill climbs, tight winding trails, tree dodging, rocks, and other competitors on the course. The team that navigates the course successfully and the fastest will earn top spots and be the fat cat at Windrock!

The course will be laid out in an area outside of the normal OHV area, thus opening up previously closed trails to our racers. Teams will have the opportunity to pre-run the course starting Wednesday Nov 2. ECORS highly suggests coming out as early as possible and get as many pre-running days in as you can since these trails are normally closed to the public! With the Last Chance Qualifier on Friday morning, teams should expect to be on site Thursday if they want a full day of pre-running since the LCQ will utilize a major portion of the course Friday morning.

Teams that don't get an invite or that are last minute decision makers will be allowed to run the LCQ on Friday, Nov. 4. If we have 20 open spots and 10 LCQ guys, we will still run the LCQ! You will have a time limit on the LCQ and will be 1 lap on the course to prove you and your rig are ready and capable (somewhat...).


Oct 16

Registration by non-qualified teams closes

Oct 30

Registration by qualified teams closes

Nov 2 - Wednesday

Tech Inspection 9am until 4pm
Pre-running for all classes. 7pm course curfew

Nov 3 - Thursday

Tech Inspection - 9am until 4pm
Pre-running for all classes. 7pm course curfew

Nov 4 - Friday

Last Chance Qualifier - 8am until 12pm
Pre-running - begins when LCQ finishes until dark
Tech Inspection - 9am until 4pm
Driver's meeting - 7pm

Nov 5 - Saturday

Class A, U, V start at 7am
Class C starts at 11am
Class B starts at 1pm

New to ECORS - 2WD buggy class

Something new for this race will be the addition of a 2WD buggy class. This class will be there to capture the VW rail-buggy type of vehicles that are popular. We'll have multiple classes of these vehicles to allow for the high performance buggies to stay in the unlimited class and for the more stock type rail buggy to still be competitive. The 2WD rail buggy class must still fill out applications and send in for approval and acceptance into the race. Because there are no qualifier opportunities for the rail-buggy class, everyone in this class MUST fill out the application and send it in for approval. Like with all other classes, the LCQ will be available to teams that either don't get accepted or for teams that are last minute decision makers.


LCQ will be Friday morning. We will have LCQ registration open September 1. Anyone that applies for the Main but does not get an invite may select to utilize that application for the LCQ. We will notify teams if they are/are not selected for the main and if they wish, they may run the LCQ. The entry fee sent in for the Main will only be accepted if an invite to the Main is issued. Teams MAY utilize the Main application for LCQ registration. LCQ registration and entry fee is $50 for all classes Multiple runs can be attempted at an additional fee. LCQ participants must also be ECORS members. Single event memberships are available for $55. LCQ does not have a prize, payout, trophy, etc. other than to qualify your team for the Main race.

Qualified Teams

DragonFire Racing Class U Ironman4x4Fab Class A NC4x4.com Class B Class C
Kevin Walker #76 Joe Darlington #22 Joe Darlington #0 Daniel Dennis #8x
Michael Gilliland #517 Randall Holmes #88 Adam Spencer #111 Michael Bowen #747
Brit Mansel #902 John Herr #156 Jody Treadway #17 BJ Allen #4426
Tim Wyatt #5 Brad Carrier #69x Dylan Wiles #14 Shawn Fisher #4419
BJ Allen #262 Tony Hirko #666 Wade Sullens #112 Alex Vaughn #115x/td>
Weldon Nutt #226 Kenny Hall #13 Adam Macke #7 Kevin Crews #147
Jim Tsokatos #23 Andy Carter #121 Blake Mullins #3 PJ Mallory #32x
James Schofield #16 Will Carter #52x Marc Zabboth #94 Kevin Hite #13
Charles Robinson #56 Ken Carter #449 Justin Maloney #84
Shea Nutt #603 Prescott Hill #787 James Schofield #4403
Jerry Huffman #71H Adam Carter #4433
Michael McMillian #111 Travis Watford #4429
Chris May #99
Scott Decker #22
Joel Withers #4447
If you have raced with us in 2011 and you don't see your name on the list, you are either not listed as an ECORS season member or you have not met the 2 race minimum.

For teams to fill out and send in that wish to apply for an invite from ECORS to the main race on Saturday.

for teams that just want to race the LCQ to try to qualify for the main race. This is for teams that may be last minute decision makers or don't know if the rig will be complete, etc.

  • Entry fee for the Main race includes 2 nights of primitive camping for the Driver and 2 Co-Drivers (Friday night, Saturday night), trail use fee for 2 days (race day and 1 pre-run day), entry into the Main race, and gate entry for the Driver and 2 Co-Drivers.
  • Any team members, spouses, family, friends, etc. in addition to the Driver and 2 Co-Drivers must pay the gate entry fee, discounted 20%.
  • Pre-running will be open 3 days prior to race day. Any teams wishing to pre-run more than 1 day must purchase additional trail use passes directly from Coal Creek OHV/Windrock Park. These are available at the park upon arrival.
  • Any team members wishing to camp in addition to the first bulleted item above must coordinate this with Windrock Park/Coal Creek. If the Driver and Co-Drivers wish to stay in on-site cabins or utilize RV hookups, coordinate that with Windrock Park directly. Driver and Co-drivers wishing to stay longer than 2 nights must coordinate this with Windrock Park and be responsible for any upgrades or additional fees.
  • Pre-running will be CLOSED on Friday November 4, 2011 from 8am until Noon for the Last Chance Qualifier. Times subject to change depending on # of LCQ entrantans.
  • Friday afternoon will be filled with the Driver’s meeting and 4x4 related seminars to include: Shock Selection and Tuning, 4x4 Recovery, Outdoor First Aid, and Motorsports Photography and Videography
  • Gate entry fees for additional team members, spouses, or spectators are valid all week/weekend. Arm bands will be given to allow for access in/out as necessary.
  • Payouts will be posted on the ECORS website. Payouts are based on # of entrants. Please download the payout table on the Windrock schedule page to view payouts based on # of entrants in your class.
  • Camping, lodging, and trail use fees for all LCQ teams is not included in the LCQ entry fee. Contact Windrock Park and/or Coal Creek OHV for camping, lodging, and trail use pass options. Trail use pass MUST be purchased from Windrock prior to pre-running and/or racing the LCQ. Teams must display the proper trail use pass prior to passing Technical Inspection.
  • Gate entry for the Driver and 2 Co-Drivers is not included in the LCQ. Team members are required to pay the spectator gate entry but will be discounted 20%.
  • Trail use fees for all Main race competitors are covered for Saturday, November 5, 2011. LCQ teams do need to purchase a trail use pass for Saturday if they qalify for the Main race and pay the Main race entry fee for their specific class.
  • Refunds are not given for any reason. Credit for future races or merchandise will be given upon request.
  • LCQ starting order will be based on dates applications are received by ECORS.
  • All LCQ classes will race the same course.
  • Starting format will be based on number of applicants.
  • LCQ entry fee is in addition to the Main race entry fee.
  • There are no prizes, awards, trophies, etc. for the Last Chance Qualifier other than to serve as a "qualifier" for the Main race.
  • All LCQ qualifiers will start at the back of the pack in the Main race.
Payout Table

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